Taking Care of your Feet

Wash feet daily and do use soap and water. Dry thoroughly and powder with foot or talcum powder if your feet are sweaty.

Use socks that wick sweat to keep the skin dry. Many of the acrylics are good here. Cotton is bad in this regard. Moist feet are a heaven for fungus and bacteria.

Keep your nails trimmed properly. The old straight across idea is a myth, shape them to the ends of your toes without digging into the edges.

Do not pop blisters. Cover them with moleskin or Spenco Ó Second Skin. If they do pop, wash the area and keep it clean. Cover with an antibacterial ointment and a bandage.

Wear shoes that fit well. If you are into sports, choose a shoe that is appropriate for the activity. The home page of different shoe companies will guide you.

Never ignore foot pain. See a podiatrist.

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